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I Buyer vs Realtor

Hey Everyone

Recently, I was in a class that we was told about this new program for homeowners called I-buyer by Open Door. Researching the program, I find that it is a good program for people who just want to dump their home but don’t you value your home more than that.

I buyer program will offer you a price for your home that is below its actual value. It will offer a fast closing and promise you alot of things that make the deal look good however, who do you have there to protect you. I have decided that I would still offer my assistance to those who are considering this method, I am willing to look over the paperwork before you sign to ensure that you are getting what you deserve, I will provide you with information and comparative so you can make an educational decision. The program look for you to satisfy your instant gratification and play on your lack of information to draw you in a deal that may not benefit you.

Reach out to me and let me help you to get all your money at the table.  I am only one click away for you.


Free Home Value Estimate and Cheat Sheet

Want to get a real estimate of your home’s value? If so, than you can’t expect to get your true values from real estate websites or buyers that don’t have access to the latest information directly from the MLS.
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Getting To Know Me And Why You Should Trust Me

For so long as I have been posting and working as a Licensed Realtor®, I always thought that if I could get in front of buyers and sellers that they would see who I am and how passionate I am about helping others. But I realize now that you need to know who I am now to encourage you to talk with me, get to know one another and see where we both can help each others. So I open up to my family and friends, and those I hope will become that to me.

I am a single mother of three beautiful children and daughter to parents who have blessed my life. All that I am and everything that I do is for them because I don’t worry about myself but my family. As a Realtor, each one of my clients become just that to me a because they let me in their lives and share with me so much of themselves that I could think of them as nothing else. I am a compassionate, outgoing, reliable and trustworthy person who lives everyday praying that I can make an impact in someone’s life. My goal is to open rehabilitation centers for men and women. So I push to accomplish them and sometimes, it get hard for me. But I remember why I name my real estate company, “Walk with Me” because I am asking my higher power to walk with me to make change, to reach those that need me, to aspire the next young man or woman, to live by example of how it should be and to treat everyone as I want to be treated. Every sale, donations are being made to drug abuse foundation so I can make a difference. This is who I am, this the person that I represent, this is where my heart lays and this is what you will get from me.

So if you are ready to start changing the circumstances in your life, if you are ready to start investing in your future, then I am the person that you need on your team. I am the family that won’t let you down. Will you trust me?


Hello Family

So it’s been a minute since my last post but I missed you all. I have been trying very hard to reach as many people as possible to ensure that they get the service they deserved and the homes they dreamed about.

While I been away, a lot has happen. I have been a little under the weather but I have been pushing through to get contracts on homes my clients loved. I will be back soon. Stay tune



Life is what you make it. If you want something out of life, you have to go for it cause it’s not just going to come to you. Today was enlightening because I find out a lot about people and they notion of power. People get offended quickly when you ask questions that they really don’t have the answer to. Now I don’t have all the answers but I research and ask questions till I get the one that make sense. Today nothing said made sense which put a bad taste in my mouth. All I want to do is to ensure the people I work with gets the best opportunities out here for them but I guess I get over invested. Oh well, thanks for listening to me tonight. I appreciate all of you for reading my post. Keep following, I have more coming